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Olivia Beckwith

Number theorist

Welcome to my personal webpage. 

On this site, you can read short introductions to some areas I'm interested in and find links to most of my papers and preprints.  

The math images were made using Mathematica. 

Research Interests

Research Interests

I study elliptic modular forms - primarily, the classical holomorphic modular forms and harmonic Maass forms. I focus on connections to quadratic fields and partition numbers. Broadly speaking, I'm interested in the interplay between analytic, combinatorial, and algebraic number theory that occurs in the study of modular forms, L-functions, partitions, and quadratic fields, and my research endeavors to push our understanding of the connections between these objects a little further. 


Recent Publications

Scarcity of congruences for the partition function (with Scott Ahlgren and Martin Raum). Submitted. Link. 

Non-holomorphic Ramanujan-type congruences for Hurwitz class numbers (with Martin Raum and Olav Richter). Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA (PNAS), 117 (2020), no. 36, 21953-21961. Link.

A zero density estimate and fractional imaginary parts of zeros for GL(2) L-functions (with D. Liu, J. Thorner, and A. Zaharescu). Submitted. Link.


Department of Mathematics

411 Gibson Hall

Tulane University

New Orleans

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